Team ACL x Keiser

When you are a Team ACL member you have the possibility to receive various discounts on products, education, courses and training. Many ACL specialists and Team-ACL members are already working with Keiser in their facility.

As a physical therapist, you work on the health of your patients every day. The equipment you use must meet all the requirements of the therapist and governments. At Keiser, we understand this. We make the best possible exercise equipment for physical therapy, fully focused on safety and results. Keiser’s equipment stands out because the resistance is generated by air pressure (pneumatic resistance).

That means:

  • Complete control over resistance levels and patient dosages, starting at 0.1 kg increasing by increments of 100 grams. To get started with training in the early stages of the rehabilitation;
  • Unlimited training possibilities – any resistance, any angle, any speed;
  • Constant pneumatic resistance to reduce impact on connective tissue and joints with zero shock loading for less pain;
  • Compact and versatile;
  • Change resistance during movement. Easy stepless control using + and – push button in handle;
  • Small footprint and relatively light weight of the equipment due to the absence of a weight block;
  • Real-time Power Display to measure outcomes of your client for more frequent and visible progress.

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man op Keiser chest press voor fysiotherapie


Keiser offers a full line of exercise equipment for physical therapy – from Leg Extension to Lat Pull Down, and from Rack to Crosstrainer. Within this line, the Functional Trainer is the most versatile piece of equipment: it offers unlimited training options at any resistance, angle and speed. Most of our products are MDR certified. So your investment is guaranteed to be one for the long term.

man op Keiser chest press voor fysiotherapie


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